1.   Financial Difficulties
  2.   Repossessions Stopped
  3.   Broken Chain
  4.   Divorce
  5.   Sell and Rent back
  6.   Bereavement
  7.   Ill Health
  8.   Mortgage Arrears
  9.   Problem Property
  10. Problem Tenants
  11. Non-Standard Construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you buy in?
We are a national company and buy properties throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

What types of property does 10 Days buy?
We buy all types of property - from residential to commercial - Houses, flats, bungalows, office buildings in any condition in any area.

My property is in bad condition. Will 10 Days buy it?
Yes we will. We are able to buy properties in any condition - even those that may require extensive renovation or will prove difficult to sell through conventional channels such as Estate Agents.

What will it cost me?
There are no fees - We provide you with a no obligation no cost offer.

How long does it take?
We will make you an offer within 24 hours of receiving our valuation report.

I can't meet my mortgage payments - what can you do to help?
Yes, we can help at all stages - the sooner you contact us the less stressful the situation will be. We are available to offer free advice at no charge.

Once I sell the property do I have to leave immediately?
We can work together and create a solution that works for your timetable. If you wish we can arrange for you to stay as a tenant for a few weeks, months or years.

How does the 10 Days offer compare with that of an Open Market Valuation (eg Estate Agent)?
The amount we pay depends on location of the property, its condition and type and other criteria. We will typically pay between pay between 75% and 90% of its appraised market value.

What about investment properties?
Yes, We buy properties that you may have brought as investments.

I have problem tenants. can you help me?
Yes. We are able to help in any circumstances, please call 0800 043 0439 for free advice

How long is your offer valid for?
Our offer is valid for 30 days. Should you wish to go ahead after the 30 days, please contact us on 0800 043 0439 and we will re-appraise the situation.

Will anyone know about the sale?
It is a strictly confidential service, no one will know about the sale. We dont put up any boards.

Do you carry out a survey?
Yes we do, this is to asscertain the propertys condition and value.

Do you take a deposit?
NO, We take no money up FRONT AT ALL - Thats a PROMISE, No deposit, No Valutaion fee's and even No solicitors costs.

How do I find out if you can help me?
Click here to send us a few details or phone us on 0800 043 0439.