1.   Financial Difficulties
  2.   Repossessions Stopped
  3.   Broken Chain
  4.   Divorce
  5.   Sell and Rent back
  6.   Bereavement
  7.   Ill Health
  8.   Mortgage Arrears
  9.   Problem Property
  10. Problem Tenants
  11. Non-Standard Construction

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Sell for Cash

Do you need to sell your property fast?

Then we can help you.

Dont let your property sit on the market for months - costing you extra every month it doesnt sell.

We can help you with your property problems.

If you are interested in a fast and hassle free sale of your home, with no legal costs or estate agents to pay contact us now for more information!

Pricing example

Following a traditional route by selling through an estate agent, the costs you may incur have been highlighted below. The end figure shows the true value of what your house is worth.
  Cost of a Typical Sale
via an Estate Agent
Cost of selling to
10 Days Property
Enter the approximate value of your property:
Average offer:
(This is typically anything up to a 10% reduction against the Open Market Value)
Re-negotiation on purchase price after survey:
(Typically a 2% reduction against original offer)
Legal Fees:
(Conveyancing will cost about 450 + VAT)
Estate Agent Fees:
(A good agent will charge around 1.75% + 17.5% VAT)
Interest Repayment Costs over 6 months:
(Average time taken to sell a house is 6 months;
at 6% interest on half the property value )
HIP Pack Cost:
(By law most properties require a HIP pack costing 300-450)
Total Cost
Actual Sum received on completion of sale

10 Days Property will offer up to 82% of the Market Value*
* Dependent on Location and condition.